Funny/Humour Internet Good Night Quotes

Funny Internet Good Night Quotes:

People are like Bluetooth People now a days are like Bluetooth….. if you stay close they stay connected…. and if you go away they find new devices…. Good Night… Sweet Dreams.

Funny Humor - Good Night Quote - Internet is over Sleep Well

Funny Humor – Good Night Quote – Internet is over Sleep Well

Internet is over for Today, Sleep Well.

I went into an internet chat room for people who like Animals last night. I was pretending to be a horse. I got chatting to a really nice guy, but after about half an hour I realised he was grooming me.

Surfing the internet without a decent antivirus is like walking through a black neighbourhood wearing a Klan mask. Believe me, I tried both. ~Computers-Technology

I just read an Article about a school in Botswana where the teachers would savagely beat their pupils if they got an answer wrong. That’s nothing! At my old school we had to use Internet Explorer. ~Computers-Technology

I was messing around on the laptop earlier when the wife started tutting and moaning. “What’s up with you?” I said. “You’ve been Tweeting away on that computer all day,” she scoffed, “I’ve never seen the fascination with Twitter.” “That’ll be because your entire life isn’t interesting enough to fill 140 characters.” I replied.

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